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Sabine Dick

Sabine Dick

Since 2002 her professional career and education have focused on antipsychiatry and psychiatry, sexual violence in childhood, psychosocial disabilities, user-led projects and peer support. She has been working directly (together) with people with experiences of psychiatric (mis-) treatment and/or people who have been sexually violated against in their childhood and trying to establish and thus apply alternatives to psychiatry. She started as a social worker in the Berlin Runaway House, an antipsychiatric project deeply rooted in the self-help movement, self-governed by a collective. This experience has profoundly shaped her path since.

She has spoken, taught, trained and advocated nationally and internationally with the focus on the perspectives of users/survivors of psychiatry to later shift to a broader disabilites perspective. She has co-organized several national and international symposiums and conferences.

Trained in systemic counselling, trauma therapy and Intentional Peer Support.

University studies of sociology, English philology and ethnology in Trier and Berlin, Germany.

In 2018 she moved to Marseille, France where she is currently active with Association Chaque Jour Compte, engaging in sports, well-being, disability / chronic disease and inclusion.

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