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Since May 2021 INTAR is hosting a series of online dialogues on various aspects of alternatives and rights-based supports.

Handover Dialogue
UN Special Rapporteur on the right to health

This dialogue focuses on the need to reframe dominant punitive and biomedical models of community safety and well-being and suggest possible futures: state control of populations through medicalization, coercion and social surveillance; or participatory, rights-based approaches that place social justice at its core.



Why are there so few rights-based institutions and alternatives to psychiatry in Germany. What does it take to change this?

The first INTAR Dialogue took place on May 11th 2021.



The professionalization of peer support in the USA: A cautionary tale.

How it all began |
Reflections on the dangerous stage of peer support evolution in the USA |
Mutuality or more of the same? |
Opportunities and indignities in the employment of trained peer workers |
Professionalization of peer support and micro aggressions.


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